Personalized Emails Can Increase Conversion Rates

Increase Conversion Rates

A personalized email marketing campaign is the key to faster conversion rates and higher customer engagement. Regardless of your industry, consumers love a personalized email service which can easily translate to a median ROI of 122%. 

Don’t be alarmed – email personalization doesn’t refer to spending countless hours writing individual letters to each person on your email list. Instead, this is about categorizing your target market based on their shared characteristics and buying preferences and then creating customized content that will meet their expectations or provide solutions to their problems. 

Here’s how to get started with personalized email to increase conversion rates.

Remember the Four ‘Rs’ of Email Personalization 

Create individualized messages for different customer segments in your email list by leveraging their personal data as well as available technology and current industry trends. In simple terms, categorize your target market and use it to build personalized email marketing campaigns. 

      1. Recognize 

 Identify your target market. Find out their age group, gender, income, location, pain points, and purchasing triggers. Use the data you gathered to create individualized customer profiles and product design.  

      2. Remember 

Observe past and existing purchasing history of all consumer demographics. Recall customer behavior before, during, and after browsing and buying digital merchandize.  

      3. Reach 

Plan to deliver those targeted emails to the contacts in your email database based on data-driven research on the right schedule to send, their online behavior, and their actions when encountering certain product/service offerings. 

Define Your Target Market 

Businesses can cater to several types of consumers. Knowing exactly who they are and what they like is integral to creating personalized emails that will resonate with them and will generate the kind of response you want them to make. When content is centered on the recipients, it’s easy to convert them not just as one-time buyers but lifelong customers.  

The Elements of a Personalized Email 

 Now that you know who you are writing for, it’s time to pay attention to the various elements of the message that should be personalized. 

      1. Subject Lines 

Personalized email subject lines are a great place to start these can lead to 58% higher click-to-open rates . Always include the recipient’s name to evoke a sense of familiarity. Subject lines focusing on reactivation campaigns, browse abandonment campaigns, and welcome campaigns are also effective means to increase conversion rates.   

      2. Body Content 

A value-packed, customer-centered content can help you nail personalization in your email marketing campaign. Use the customer’s details and weave this information into the body of the email. For example, ask readers how they feel after using certain products/services, make them feel important if they responded, or send them clickable content.  

      3. Visuals 

Visual storytelling incorporated within your email content adds personalization, grabs subscribers’ attention, and boosts click throughs. Whether it’s graphics, images, or videos, all of these promote openness and transparency which helps build trust between your brand and your target audience.  

Final Tips 

Use your screen space wisely: The purpose of each screen is not to distract but to encourage email recipients to complete their purchase. Avoid clutter and put the single Call-to-Action button in prominent display.  

Email personalization isn’t a set-it-and-forget-it strategy: Always watch out for evolving industry trends and take into consideration customer reviews. Experiment and reevaluate your metrics and goals so you can be guaranteed higher conversion rates