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Riptide is a lightweight email plug-in that helps teams curate personalized content. Blindly guessing which emails capture the attention of your audience is a waste of time and effort. Riptide eliminates that uncertainty by equipping your team with the right analysis tools to maximize potential opportunities to connect with your audience.

Riptide Email tool
Riptide in Action

understand your audience

See Riptide in action

By using data-driven metrics, Riptide is able to quantify email performance without the use of a CRM or a dedicated email marketing tool. Using simple plug-in integration with your favorite email provider, Riptide takes the wheel, giving you insights into your audience’s behavior.

Information you want in the palm of your hand

consolidate all email tracking metrics into a single platform

Riptide Real Time Analytic

real-time analytics

Comprehensive dashboard

With Riptide, all important email metrics are displayed in the easy-to-read email metrics dashboard. See exactly where and when your audience is engaging with your content.


In-depth statistics

See precisely how your audience is interacting with your email through beautiful graphs that suit your organization’s needs. Discover new ways to measure success in email marketing performance.

Riptide Report


Compatible with Gmail and Outlook

Track emails regardless of the email provider your audience uses. Currently available on Outlook and Gmail.

Tag filter

Filter effortlessly

Riptide allows you to optionally assign tags to emails, where you can easily filter them through the Tags section on the application. See specific groups of emails you have previously labeled, and view their relevant information accordingly.

Riptide Tag
Riptide IP Tracking Location

IP Location Tracking and Clickthrough Rate

Assess email performance

Understand how effective your email is through the number of clicks and the clickthrough rate for each link sent, as well as the geographical location from where it was viewed from.

How it works

detailed email tracking for everyone ​

Using Microsoft Outlook or Gmail, compose an email that you want to track and gain insights through Riptide. You can track any email regardless of the email service provider your email recipient is using.  

Ensure that the Riptide plug-in is turned on and enabled for the email that you’re about to send. This will help you track important data information from your recipient/s. 

After sending the email with the Riptide plug-in enabled, you can view in-depth analytics and status updates of tracked emails over at the Riptide dashboard. Through its intuitive interface, you can filter through individual emails, or view them in bulk at a time.

Behind the scenes

data-driven technologies at work

Riptide Heatmap

Hour Heatmap​

Riptide lets you know the optimal time to send emails to maximize conversions and click-through rates.

Riptide Device

Devices Used

Obtain a detailed summary of the different devices your audience are using through Riptide, and ensure that your marketing content is tailored to them.

Riptide Browser


Know which browsers your audience is using with Riptide to make sure your marketing content is compatible and optimized.

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Get all the performance statistics you want for email marketing within a single platform and stay up to date with the content that matters to your audience.